History of the North Dakota FFA Alumni

Here is a little history about the ND FFA Alumni! We are going through some boxes in the back office and there are some amazing treasures in there.  Make sure to keep checking back to see what else we find! Or if you have any fun history items about the ND FFA Alumni please send them in, we would love to see them.


– President- Lenny Tesky
– Vice-President- Don Nygaard
– Reporter- Lynne Osterm
Past President-Tom Schimelfenig, Sec/Treas-Larry Ulrich

Alumni Sponsors:
– Alumni did State FFA Convention Store
– Chorus sponsor at State FFA Convention @ $1200.00
– Freshman Quiz @ $500.00
– State FFA Convention Awards Booklet @ $250.00
– Washington Leadership Conference 16 @ $1000.00
– NDAAE Picnic @ $650.00
– Chapter Presidents Conference @ $1500.00
– Maddock Officers Retreat @ $1000.00
– CDE/LDE National Convention Travel @ $10,000.00
– FFA Convention Magazine @ $250.00
– Student Teacher Stipend @ $3000.00 (6)
– New Teacher Stipend @ $1000.00 (2)

12th Annual Raffle held, 2890 Tickets sold, Prize cost $14740.60, Kickback $34380.00 plus $2800.00 in Affiliation Fees

18th Annual FFA Foundation/Alumni Auction held

3280 members, 601 life, 411 annual and 2268 associate members 36 Active Chapters.

Official Name and Emblem was changed by National FFA To “North Dakota FFA Alumni and Supporters”


– President-Lenny Tesky
– Vice-President- Don Nygaard
– Reporter- Lynne Osterm
– Sec/Treas.-Larry Ulrich

Alumni Sponsors:
– Alumni did State FFA Convention Store
– North Dakota FFA Alumni Constitution and By-Laws were redone and accepted
– Past President added to Executive Board
– 11th Annual Raffle 2242 Tickets sold, 34 prizes given, Prize cost $12217.80, Kickback $$12696.00
– CDE/LDE National Convention Travel-$125.00 per individual=$8500.00
– Maddock Officers Retreat–$1000.00
– Chorus sponsor @ $1200.00
– Freshman Quiz @ $500.00
– Summer Intern @ $500.00
– NDAAE Picnic @ $650.00
– Student Teacher Stipend 6 @ $500.00
– New Teacher Stipend 3 @ $500.00
– Washington Leadership Conference- 16 @ $650.00
– Achievement Award 3 @ $300.00

17th Annual FFA Foundation/Alumni Auction held

2855 Members, 573Life members, 404 Annual, 1878 Associate

At the January meeting a new set of By-Laws were adapted. Click here to view the new By-Laws.


– President, Tom Schimelfenig
– Vice-president-Lenny Tesky
– Sec/treas—Larry Ulrich
– Reporter-Lynne Osterm
– National FFA Alumni Officer- Dan Classen Present.

Alumni Sponsors:
– Alumni did a State Convention Store
– T-Shirts given to all students attending Winter Leadership Conference
– 10th Annual Raffle-1897 tickets sold, prizes-$10,200.00
– Kickback $6298.00 Regional Development Conference held at Mandan High
– School and presented by Allie Ellis from National FFA
– Washington Leadership Awards 16 @ $650.00
– Maddock Officers Retreat-$1000.00
– NDAAE Picnic-$650.00
– Summer intern-$500.00
– CDE/LDE National Convention Travel $125.00 per individual =$8500.00
– Achievement Awards 10 @ $300.00 each
– Student Teacher Stipends $3000.00 Max ($500.00 each)
– New Teacher Stipend $1500.00 Max ($500.00 each
– NDAAE Picnic – $600.00
– Alumni Started sponsoring Chorus at State FFA Convention
– Freshman Quiz – $500.00

North Dakota FFA Alumni had high selling basket at National FFA Convention

16th Annual FFA Foundation/Alumni Auction held.

2543 Members, 573 Life members, 406 annual members, 1564 Associate


Officers remain same as for President, Vice-President, Sec/Treas
– Reporter Lynne Osterm
– Dan Classen, National FFA Alumni Officer visit

Alumni Sponsors:
– State FFA Convention Proficiency Awards–$1000.00
– Freshman Quiz-$500.00
– Achievement Awards—14 awards @ $500.00each
– Washington Leadership Awards—13 @ $650.00 each
– NDAAE Picnic-$600.00
– Maddock Officers Retreat–$1000.00
– Chapter Presidents Conference–$1400.00
– Summer Intern–$500.00
– Student Teacher Stipend—2 @ $500.00 each
– New Teacher Stipend –3$500.00 each
– $300.00 State Convention Awards booklet
– T-Shirts given to all students at Winter Leadership Conference, Alumni did State Convention Store,

9th Annual Raffle held, 1636 tickets sold at $20.00, prizes

$10120.30, Kickback–$4940.00 15th Annual FFA Foundation/Alumni Auction Held

1711 members 551 life members, 334 annual members, 826 associate members


– President—Rod Romereim
– Vice-President—Lenny Tesky
– Sec/Treas—Larry Ulrich
– Reporter—Wendi Stackler and Amy Robak-Bruce.

Alumni Sponsors:
– Achievement Awards-13 at $500.00
– WLC—13 at $750.00
– Maddock Officers Retreat-$1000.00
– Chapter Presidents Conference-$1200.00
– NDAAE Picnic–$600.00
– Summer Intern–$500.00
– State FFA Convention Awards–$1000.00
– T-shirts to all students attending FFA Winter Leadership Conference.
– Alumni did a State FFA Convention store

8th Annual Raffle—1666 tickets sold @$15.00, Prizes total $8974.06,Kickback–$3214.00

14th Annual FFA Foundation/Alumni Auction held

953 members 495 Life Members 75 Annual and 379 Associate


Alumni Officers remained the same as in 2012

Alumni Sponsors:
– $370.00 American Degree Receiptant Awards
– $925.00 State FFA Officers Life Memberships (State & National)
– $500.00 for Summer Intern
– $750.00 to Maddock Officers Retreat
– $1,750.00 Chapter Presidents Conference in Carrington
– $6,500.00 Washington Leadership Conference Scholarships
– $6,500.00 FFA Achievement Awards
– $600.00 Ag Teachers Picnic

T-Shirts to all students attending FFA Winter Leadership Conference

Alumni voted to hold its 7th Annual Raffle with 20 prizes with $2,678.00 going back to FFA Alumni Affiliates as a Kickback.

There are 28 Active Alumni Affiliates with 431 Lifetime members and a total membership of 877.

13th Annual FFA Foundation/Alumni Auction held


FFA Alumni Officers remained the same as in 2011.

Alumni Sponsors:
– $1,200.00 Chapter President Conference at Carrington
– $2,800.00 in FFA Achievement Awards
– $2,235.00 in FFA Washington Leadership Conference Scholarships
– $2,200.00 in ND FFA State Convention Proficiency Awards
– $520.00 to FFA American Degree Receiptants
– $600.00 to Ag Teacher Summer Picnic
– $500.00 for Summer Intern
– $500.00 Maddock Officer Retreat

Alumni starts its own webpage as North Dakota FFA Alumni Association.com

ND FFA Alumni holds its 6th Annual Raffle

There are a total of 741 members

12th Annual FFA Foundation/Alumni Auction held


Alumni Officers:
– President—Leonard Testy, Beulah
– Vice President—Bruce Bach Meier, Carrington
– Sec/Tress—Larry Ulrich, Elgin
– Reporter—Wendi Stickler, Kindred and Amy Robak-Bruce, Oakes

Alumni sponsors:
– Eight $300.00 Achievement Awards plus Star Partners Donation
– Six $350.00 and two $700.00 Washington Leadership Conference
– $500.00 Summer Intern
– $1,000.00 Proficiency Awards for State FFA Convention
– $600.00 Ag Teachers Picnic
– Alumni gave two Lifetime Membership and $75.00 to each American Degree Recipitant
– $500.00 Maddock Officers Retreat
– $1,200.00 for FFA Chapter President Conference

FFA Alumni held its 5th Annual Raffle with a $3,028.00 paid back to Affiliates as a Kickback.

11th Annual FFA Foundation/Alumni Auction held



Alumni Officers:
– President—Leonard Tesky, Beulah
– Vice President—Bruce Bachmeier, Carrington
– Sec/Tres—Larry Ulrich, Elgin
– Reporter—Chelsea Brendt, Towner

The FFA Alumni voted to sponsor:
– $600.00 to Ag Teachers Picnic
– $1,200.00 to FFA Chapter Presidents Conference in Carrington.
– $1,000.00 to Proficiency Awards at the State FFA Alumni Convention
– $500.00 sponsor Summer Intern
– $500.00 sponsoring of Maddock Officer Retreat
– $250.00 Achievement Awards along with the Star Partners
– $350.00 Washington Leadership Conference Scholarship

Voted to have 4th Annual Raffle, with $2,664.00 back to Affiliates as a Kickback.

10th Annual FFA Foundation/Alumni Auction held




Alumni Officers remained the same as in 2008.

The FFA Alumni sponsored $1,000.00 for the FFA Chapter Presidents Conference and $600.00 for the Ag Teacher Picnic.

They also sponsored $500.00 for a Summer Intern.

FFA Alumni sponsored six $200.00 Achievement Awards, and six $350.00 and one full Scholarship for Washington Leadership Conference Scholarship.

Alumni also sponsored $900.00 for State FFA Convention Proficiency Awards, and sponsoring the Winter Leadership Conference Scavenger Hunt and Trivia Quiz.

They voted to have the 3rd Annual Raffle and $1,334.00 was given back as Kickback.

9th Annual FFA Foundation/Alumni Auction held


Alumni Officers:
– President—Rod Romereim, Wahpeton
– Vice President—Leonard Tesky, Beulah
– Sec/Tres—Larry Ulrich, Elgin
– Reporter—Chelsie Berndt, Towner

The North Dakota FFA Alumni voted to help sponsor the Ag Teacher Picnic in August at the Ag Teachers Conference.

They voted to sponsor $600.00 for State FFA Convention Proficiency Awards.

8th Annual FFA Foundation/Alumni Auction held

They also voted to help sponsor the FFA Chapter Presidents Conference, along with giving six $200.00 FFA Achievement Awards, and also giving six $350.00 Washington Leadership Conference Scholarships.

Bruce Bachmeier was the FFA Foundation Board Representative.

The FFA Alumni held its 2nd Annual Raffle with seven prizes, and $1,868.00 was paid in Raffle Kickback.

8th Annual FFA Foundation/ Alumni Auction held


Alumni Officers:
– President—Tom Ross, Minot
– Vice President—Rod Romereim, Wahpeton
– Sec/Tres—Larry Ulrich, Elgin
– Reporter—Leonard Tesky, Beulah

Seven $250.00 and one full Washington Leadership Conference Scholarships were given and three $200.00 Proficiency Awards at State FFA Convention.

This was the beginning of the 1st Annual Alumni Raffle with 7 prizes and $1,532.00 given back to Affiliate as a Kickback.

7th Annual FFA Foundation/Alumni Auction held


Alumni Officers remained the same as in 2005.

The North Dakota FFA Alumni started sponsoring the FFA State Convention Proficiency Awards.

North Dakota Alumni sponsored the FFA Chapter Presidents Conference.

Four $200.00 Washington Leadership Conference Scholarships and five $100.00 Achievement Awards were given.

There was 231 Life Members with a total of 586 members.

6th Annual FFA Foundation/Alumni Auction


Alumni Officers
– President—Don Nygaard, Finely/Sharon
– Vice President—Tom Ross, Minot
– Sec/Tres—Larry Ulrich, Elgin
– Reporter—Rod Romereim, Wahpeton

There were six $100.00 Achievement Awards given to FFA students along with four $300.00 Washington Leadership Conference Scholarships.

There were 481 total members.

Don Nygaard received the Outstanding Achievement Award on the state level.

Wahpeton received the Affiliate with the Largest Growth Award.

4th Annual FFA Foundation/Alumni Auction


Alumni Officers
– President—Don Nygaard, Finely/Sharon
– Vice President—Tom Ross, Minot
– Sec/Tres—Larry Ulrich, Elgin

Three $200.00 Washington Leadership Scholarships were given.  Also three $100.00 Achievement Awards were given.

Bruce Bachmeier was the Board member on the FFA Foundation.

There were 134 total members.

3rd Annual FFA Foundation/Alumni Auction


Alumni Officers remained the same as the previous year.

The Outstanding Affiliate Award went to Garrison.

Outstanding Achievement Award went to Duane Hummel.  T

he Affiliate with the largest growth went to Wahpeton.

Four $100.00 Achievement Awards were given to FFA students.

There were 120 Lifetime members, with a total membership of 372.

Alumni sponsored the Scavenger Hunt and Trivia Quiz at the FFA Winter Leadership Conference.

2nd Annual Foundation/ Alumni Auction


Alumni Officers
– President—Duane Hummel, Garrison
– Vice President—Claude Sem, Minot
– Sec/Tres—Larry Ulrich, Elgin
– Reporter—Bruce Bachmeier, Carrington

There was a total membership of 360.

North Dakota received from the National FFA 1st place for the Largest Alumni Growth and 2nd place from the National FFA Alumni Largest Growth Award.

Started ND FFA Foundation / Alumni Auction.


Alumni Officers were:
– President—Duane Hummel, Garrison
– Vice President—Claude Sem, Minot
– Sec/Tres—Richard Berndt, Towner
– Reporter—Bruce Bachmeier, Carrington

– Stuart Gullicks, Finely/Sharon
– Myron Johs, Lisbon
– Kyle Pausch, Wahpeton


Alumni Officers were:
– President—Leonard Tesky, Beulah
– Vice President—Don Nygaard, Finely/Sharon
– Sec/Tres—Richard Berndt, Towner
– Reporter—Bruce Bachmeier, Carrington

– Duane Hummel, Garrison
– Donald Braash, Minot
– Myron Johs, Lisbon
– Bill Ward, Wahpeton


FFA Alumni Officers remained the same as in 1994.

Duane Hummel became the ND FFA Foundation member delegate.

Leonard Tesky became an Advisory Board member.


Alumni Officers were:
– President—Leonard Tesky, Beulah
– Vice President—Dan Nygaard, Finely/Sharon
– Reporter—Bruce Bachmeier, Carrington
– Sec/Tres—Richard Berndt, Towner

– Rick Tweten, Washburn
– Myron Johs, Lisbon
– Duane Hummel, Garrison

FFA Achievement Award Winners:
– Jason Odenbash
– Lenita Rime
– Chris Jorde

National FFA Alumni Convention Delegate—Leonard Tesky

Outstanding Achievement Award Winner—Pam Montau

Outstanding Affiliate Award—Garrison

There were 73 Life members with a total membership of 294.


Alumni Officers were:
– President—David Mehus, Finely/Sharon
– Vice President—Al Rotenberger, Lisbon
– Sec/Tres—Diane Schultz, Lisbon
– NW Region—Richard Berndt, Towner
– SW Region—Leonard Tesky, Beulah

FFA Alumni Achievement Award Winner: Leonard Tesky

Outstanding Affiliate Award going to Finley/Sharon Affiliate.

At this point there were 8 active Alumni Affiliates with 73 life members with a total membership of 309.


Alumni Officers were:
– President—David Mehus, Finley/Sharon
– Sec/Tres—Daine Schultz, Lisbon

There were 52 Lifetime members with a total of 244 members.


Alumni Officers were:
– President—Jamie Pfeifer
– Vice President—Lori Grieger, Enderlin
– Reporter—Sheri Moeller, Enderlin
– NE Region—Gerald Wattlaufer, Bottineau
– SE Region—Al Rotenberger, Lisbon

Lori Grieger was ND FFA Alumni State Delegate at National Convention with 51 Life Members and 251 total members.  State Lifetime dues were set at $35.00.


Alumni Officers were:
– President—Jamie Hanson, Bismarck
– Sec/Tres—Diane Schultz, Lisbon
– NW Region—Jim Burbridge, Mohall
– SW Region—Kevin Vannett, Glen Ullin

Dave Casewell was on the Advisory Counsel with a total of 179 members.


The 1st Annual Meeting was held in March 11 at the Holiday Inn in Bismarck, ND.

Officers are as follows:
– President—Jamie Hanson, Bismarck
– Vice President– Dave Mehus, Finely/Sharon
– Reporter—Ken Votava, Finley/Sharon
– NE Region—Dave Casewell, Finely/Sharon
– SE Region—Randy Schultz, Lisbon

ND State Advisory Counsel Alumni Member was Dave Casewell with 165 people making the total memberships.  Tammy Votava became Sec/Tres in September to fill Tammy Meyer’s term.

MFE Trivia Quiz contest started with $40.00 Prize money.  North Dakota State Basket sent to National Convention Auction.


North Dakota FFA Alumni went inactive some time after 1972 to 1988 when Joel Janke was State FFA Advisor and he helped to get the Alumni to an active state.  In 1987 there were 21 Life members and 62 annual members.

In 1988 the State FFA Alumni Officers were:
– President:  Jamie Hanson from Bismarck
– Vice President:  David Mehus from Finley/Sharon
– Sec. /Treas.:  Tammy Meyer from Finley/Sharon
– Reporter:  Ken Votava from Finely/Sharon
– NE Tammy Votava from Finely/Sharon
– NW Jim Burbridge from Mohall
– SE Myron Johs from Lisbon
– SW Kevin Vannett from Glen Ullin

Totally there were 117 members with 20 Life memberships.  Dues were $3.00 State and $7.00 National.

Myron Johs and Randy Schultz, members of Lisbon Affiliate represented North Dakota at the National FFA Alumni Convention.  Finely/Sharon Affiliate received the Outstanding FFA Alumni Affiliate Award at the FFA Alumni National Level.

The scavenger Hunt was started at the Winter Leadership Conference with four people per team and prize money of $40.00 per team.


The North Dakota FFA Alumni Association applied to be chartered as a State Association of the National FFA Alumni Association on May 11, 1972 with 175 members.  Lowell Anderson was acting as council chairman and Don Erickson as State FFA Advisor.

The forming local affiliates were:
– Bismarck—Donovan Eck acting chairman
– Rugby—Curt Teigen acting chairman
– Williston—John Schmitz acting chairman
– Leeds—Roger Kenner acting chairman
– Fargo—George Schwartz acting chairman
– Jamestown—Bill Dutoit acting chairman.

ND FFA Alumni History - State Charter 1972